Rotax Stars & Stripes Trophy Series Wrap Up - Race Rotax

Rotax Stars & Stripes Trophy Series Wrap Up

October 12, 2020

The three race Rotax northeastern regional Stars & Stripes Trophy series championship concluded this past weekend at the famed Oakland Valley Race Park. With regional excitement heightened throughout the series’ three events, everyone who took part witnessed competitive and cost-effective racing at top speed.

“With the unfortunate issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we continued to push hard to put in place this great three race series and what a show it turned out to be.  With amazingly close and fierce racing along fantastic sportsmanship from everyone the excitement for 2021 is already buzzing as we looking to announce our full schedule next month.”– J3 Management

With constant growth form race one to the final round, OVRP’s challenging circuit provided the perfect backdrop to the final round as well as crowning the championship winners in each category.  The Championship top three in each category follow:

Micro Max

  1. Alexander Jacoby (2020 Grand Finals Ticket Winner)

  2. Tyler Kolshorn

  3. Sebastian Rist

Jr Max

  1. Logan Vajda

  2. Aidan Lourenco

  3. Ethan Goulart

Sr Max

  1. Justin White (2020 Grand Finals Ticket Winner)

  2. Aidan Fox

  3. Gunnar Bischoff

Masters Max

  1. John Bonanno

  2. Vincent Carey (2020 Grand Finals Ticket Winner)

  3. Jeff Clyde

Full Championship points can be found at HERE

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J3 Competition is an American based distribution and competition product resale company that focuses on the sector of high-performance two-cycle kart racing. With a tenure being recognized as a world leader in the development of the karting industry, J3 Competition is the United States distributor of BRP-Rotax products designed for kart racing applications alongside the entire suite of products including; Rotax, XPS lubricants, MoJo tires additionally hosting Rotax Grand Finals Ticket events under the ‘Stars & Stripes’ brand. | @J3Competition | #RaceRotax | +1 184 864 1846 |


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