Micro & Mini MY20 Overview

“The resources and efforts put forward from the staff at BRP-Rotax has been unbelievable in order to create this new offering to the market.  Built upon the existing platform, the Micro and Mini platforms are easily updated to the new package and done so at a fractional cost and the parity as seen at the 2020 Grand Finals is really unmatched.” – J3 Competition

What were the objectives:

  • Simplify the ownership model

  • Enhance Parity

  • Create a package that installs on a 950mm (Cadet) wheelbase chassis with ease

  • Long Life

  • Ease of daily use plus a low cost to move form Micro – Mini

With all the objectives more than successfully achieved, here is how it happens.  Additionally, we’ve outlined the differences between Micro and Mini alongside explaining the different available update product kit options.

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