Micro MAX Grand Finals Competitor - Lucas Palacio

November 17, 2023

Introducing Micro MAX Grand Finals competitor, Lucas Palacio who will compete for the first time at a Rotax Grand Finals in 2023.  Lucas will join Team USA in Bahrain at the Rotax Grand Finals thanks to his victory at the US Trophy Final event, which took place earlier in the 2023 year at New Castle Motorsports Park hosted by J3 Competition and Race Rotax.


<<Here are the details to get to know Lucas before the event takes place from December 2 – 9, 2023>>

Q Karting Journey: How many years have you been karting, and what ignited your passion for this sport?

LP  5 years. My dad got me racing when I was 4


Q Early Days: Can you share a memorable moment from when you first started karting and what motivated you to pursue it further?

LP Being in the kart the first time, I cried and did not like it at all. It was very cold outside


Q Grand Finals Aspirations: Beyond winning, what personal goals or experiences are you hoping to gain from competing at the RMC Grand Finals?

LP Preparing for a full season in Italy in 2024, this will be a good start to the year


Q Travel Companions: Who will be accompanying you to Bahrain to support you during the event?

LP My mom, dad and my little brother


Q Mechanic Marvel: Could you introduce us to your mechanic and tell us what makes your partnership with them special?

LP JP Garcon is my mechanic and my dad. JP is coming with us as he will be with me in Italy next year as I race in WSK and ACI


Q From Where: Which part of the country will you be traveling from to participate in the Grand Finals?



Q Previous Grand Finals: If you’ve attended the Grand Finals before, could you share a memorable experience from a past event?



Q Bahrain Excitement: Is this is your first time visiting Bahrain? What are you most looking forward to exploring or experiencing in the host country?

LP Seeing the F1 circuit!


Q Hidden Gem: Share an interesting fact or a unique talent about yourself that many people may not know.

LP I love sushi!


Q Pre-Race Ritual: Do you have any special pre-race rituals or superstitions that you follow before hitting the track?

LP I hold my dad’s hand every time on the grid!


Team Race Rotax / J3 Competition


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