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Now & Future: The premise of  the Rotax Max Challenge regulations are to provide a clear and concise framework for competitors and Service Centers alike. Through our USA program we mirror the global technical regulations with very few deviations, such deviations are found in the programs supplemental regulations and clearly highlighted.

The proven Rotax platform brings the entire world under a structure that has stability and depth, further allowing competitors and Service Centers to participate without grey areas and favoritism.  For 2021 at all official events, Rotax engines will be required to be sealed and accompanied with a passport from a new or reappointed Service Center, a list of valid Service Centers can ONLY be found HereONLY engines  of American origin that are sealed by the mentioned Service Centers with NEW seals are allowed for competition.  Engines utilized by non-American participants are allowed to be of international origin and sealed by non-American Service Centers.

Regulation Downloads

Technical Regulations

Sporting Regulations

Supplemental Regulations


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