Alessandro Bressan EXGEL Driver Exchange Program Scout

Six Young Karting Stars Vying for Life-Changing EXGEL Driver Exchange Program Following US Trophy West Conclusion

Erie, Pennsylvania – June 11, 2024

The US Trophy West series has concluded, leaving a trail of talent in its wake. Building upon the program announced earlier this year, organizers are excited to reveal the current nominees for the EXGEL Driver Exchange Program, a chance for talented young drivers to experience international kart racing at the famous Suzuka Circuit South Course on August 11, 2024. 

As previously announced, the EXGEL Driver Exchange Program offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for exceptional young racers. When the final decision is made later in June, there will be only one driver selected from each of the Mini MAX, Junior MAX, and Senior MAX categories. The three lucky participants get to compete in Japan at a special MAX Champ round, fostering cultural exchange and honing their skills against a new set of international competitors.

From the competitive ranks of the US Trophy West series, six outstanding drivers have emerged as nominees:

Mini MAX:

Jaxon Porter Mini MAX Nominee for the EXGEL Driver Exchange Program Gage Grant Mini MAX Nominee for the EXGEL Driver Exchange Program

  • Jaxon Porter (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Gage Grant (Phoenix, AZ)

Junior MAX:

Gage Korn Junior MAX Nominee for the EXGEL Driver Exchange Program Nixx Eggleston Junior MAX Nominee for the EXGEL Driver Exchange Program

  • Gage Korn (Denver, CO)
  • Nixx Eggleston (Scottsdale, AZ)

Senior MAX:

Griffin Dowler Senior MAX EXGEL Driver Exchange Program Nominee Frederique Lemieux Senior MAX EXGEL Driver Exchange Program Nominee

  • Griffin Dowler (Edmonton, AB)
  • Frederique Lemiuex (Montreal, QB)

“The US Trophy West series is a breeding ground for exceptional talent,” said Alessandro Bressan. 1AM Management. “We’re incredibly proud of all the participants, and these nominees truly represent the complete skillset to represent the program in Japan. The EXGEL Driver Exchange Program is a fantastic opportunity for them to showcase their skills on a global platform and take their careers to the next level.”

The final selection process for the EXGEL Driver Exchange Program will involve a rigorous evaluation that takes into account the nominees’ on-track performance, technical expertise, and overall racing potential.

However, the final decision won’t be made until after Round 1 of the US Trophy East race, taking place June 21-23, 2024. This allows the team witness the full potential of all participating drivers across both the West and East series before selecting the final three who will embark on this incredible international adventure.

The official announcement of the three chosen EXGEL Driver Exchange Program participants will be made on June 26, 2024.


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