COMPKART Takes On Le Mans!

On the eve of the third round of the CIK-FIA European Championships held at the famed circuit in Le Mans, France the COMPKART team’s final preparations are fully underway.  With three international events already completed in 2017, the staff has been working relentlessly to prepare for this particularly well-attended round.  Not only will the team work with newly developed engine materials, but the team’s core drivers, Dante Yu and Nicholas d’Orlando will be joined by teammate Austin Garrison.  Garrison, no stranger to winning at the highest level will work to further deepen the brands attack in Le Mans.

“Without question we have achieved all the initial goals with our European program to date, most notably when Dante Yu took the fastest time in the heat races in a trick circuit at the Museo y Fernando Alonso circuit proving our materials capability. Now we will look to push our final efforts further and make some solid results, of course with over 90 drivers in the OK category the challenge will be intense.” – J3 Management

COMPKART drivers will continue their attack aboard the successful Covert 3.0-17R model chassis powered by factory TM racing engines and shod with Le Cont tries to complete the stunning and fast combination.  Each driver will be coupled with experienced technicians and lead by the management of J3 Competition with the full disposal of the brands engineered components and tuning solutions.

Official Pilots (Ok Sr. Category)

#162 Nicholas d’Orlando

#163 Dante Yu

#185 Austin Garrison

Event Highlights

Le Mans will mark the mid-season for the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy as well as for the European Championships in the OK, OK-Junior and KZ2 categories. The sporting challenge is about to gather one of the biggest fields of the year for an exceptional Competition on the 1384 m of the French track from 29th June to 2nd July, 2017.

The theatre for the CIKFIA World KZ Championship in 2015, the Le Mans Karting International circuit will benefit from the aura of the famous 24 Hours organized since 1923 and the multiple World Karting Championships which took place on the Alain Prost circuit in the 1970s-1990s. Almost 300 Drivers from 50 nations on the five continents will compete next weekend at one of Motor Sport’s sacred places. Italy is in the lead of the most represented countries with its 48 Drivers ahead of France (34), Sweden (24), Germany (21) and Spain (21).


COMPKART is the original and proprietary chassis line by J3 Competition.  Designed with unique technical offerings as well as sharp aesthetics, COMPKART has been leading the way since its CIK/FIA homologation –  34/CH/20.  With several titles both nationally and internationally already under its umbrella, it’s no wonder why the brand continues to spread across the globe with enormous success backed by the brands unparalleled service.



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