The team started out its final FWT ROTAX weekend in its same fashion with on track testing leading up to Saturday and Sunday’s events. After three days of testing the team was confident leading into Saturday that a win and Championship were within grasps.

Saturday’s qualifying round set the tone with a solid second place effort. Sitting P2 would not be kind to Madrigal – after a bad start, Madrigal was forced to ninth place. As the race progressed Alessandra moved her way through the field to finish a solid fourth place. Affter a fair start inthe final, Madrigal moved through the field with realtive ease as she disposed of Sharkey, Neri, and Formal to take the lead. With tewelve laps remaining and Rios and Ortega in tow – Madrigal maintained her lead and won a brillian race, however, the race wasn’t quite over.

During post-tech the ROTAX engine was inspected and found 100% legal. Now it was time to put the engine back together and re-seal for Sunday’s action. Once the new seal was placed on the engine is was found that the existing seal was never recorded in the enigne’s passport book. This happened during post-tech at the first round of the FWT in Homestead. A mistake by LeGree racing had just cost young Madrigal a brilliant result. After the process and procedures were further looked into a real issue with the technical scrutenering in the FWT was raised. Currently off for clarification from ROTAX in Austria……We will wait for the ruling.

Moving forward, Sunday was again another good day until the final. A great driver from ninth to fourth in the pre-final along with the fastest time was negated by a turn one incident in the final which relegated Madrigal to a 19th place finish.




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