The team at J3 Competition put a strong effort in at the opening round of the 2009 Stars of Karting series in Ocala, FL. A last minute entry into the Stars National Jr. category for Tristan DeGrand added to the team’s chances of gaining an additional successful finish.

The action started with the KF3 category as Tristan DeGrand worked through the added Thursday practice round running in his Vortex KF 3 engines. Friday was all business as DeGrand improved his speed and captured P2 at the conclusion of qualification. Saturday’s heat races proved to be intense as DeGrand would score a second, first, and third, thus placing himself in P2 for the final. After a long battled Tristan brought his Kosmic Mercury home with a second place finish and a great start to his championship season.

After a few rough heat races in the Stars National Jr. category, DeGrand knew he would have a tough race ahead of himself starting from fifteenth. As the green flag flew, Tristan showed his usual perseverance as he methodically marched through the field to take an amazing third place finish. DeGrand ended the weekend squarely in the championship chase in two classes as he moves into the “Race of America’s’ in May.

Taking the reins of the KF 2 program for J3 was Japanese driver Shin Iguchi. Iguchi started the weekend a day late as he missed Thursday’s free practice. However, a new track and little time didn’t bother the seventeen year old driver as he continuously improved on the weekend. Working diligently on several different setups throughout the weekend, the team at J3 Competition capitalized on their hard work with a good setup for Iguchi’s final run on Sunday. Iguchi fought through the thirty lap final as he made a strong pass on a fellow competitor near the end of the race for third place, which he held on to and enjoyed a spot on the podium in third place.

Once again Paragon Motorsports cadet driver Ashley Rogero put in an amazing performance throughout the weekend. Ashley was atop the time charts all weekend long proving her speed is right there with the best in the category. Sunday’s final was as exciting as they get – Rogero took the lead with two laps to go and fought hard with young Ferucci until the checkerd and came home with a nice second place finish.

With one ‘East’ Stars of Karting event in the books, J3 Competition and Kosmic drivers are chasing the championships in several categories.

For further information regarding J3 Competition’s Race Department or the 2009 Kosmic Racing Kart line, Vortex Engines, ROK Series Engines, IBEA, JHC, and OTK Kart Parts please contact our sales department at; or 814-864-1846.



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